Cool Science Camp Week Activity Pack


Released by popular demand our Summer Camp 2018 Science and Nature Week is now available as a downloadable pack

With 15 Fun Activities for 2 – 10-year-olds there is something for everyone.

Included in our Full Camp Pack for Science and Nature

  • Book List
  • Supply List
  • 5 Toddler Approved Activities with Step by Step Guides
  • 5 Perfect for Preschool Activities with Step by Step Guides
  • 5 School Kids Favorites with Step by Step Guides
  • Songs and Rhymes
  • Bonus Activities
  • Recommended YouTube Videos the kids and you can watch
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AVAILABLE NOW OUR SCIENCE CAMP WEEK from the Annual Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp 2018

science week activity pack from 2 - 10 year olds

Science and Nature Activity Pack for 2 – 10-Year-Olds

By popular demand, our summer camp from 2018 is being turned into individual activity packs.

Each pack is written by the Virtual Book Club for Kids team to do at home with your kids from 2 – 10 years old.

science fun for kids

Included in the pack which you can download immediately and use at home are

  • Recommended books a list for each of the 3 age ranges
  • Supply Lists are broken down by age range (plus each activity includes the material list so you can pick and choose)
  • Step-by-Step Activity Guides
  • Songs to sing with your kids
  • Videos to watch on Science and Nature on YouTube that we have curated and watched to check for content
  • BONUS activities that you and the kids could extend the science and nature fun even further!

15 Step-by-Step Activity Guides

inside selection of pages and activities from the cool science activities pack for 2 - 10 year olds from the Virtual Book Club for Kids

Each Activity within the pack comes as an activity guide. Any printables are also included.

On the activity, you have information about

  • Materials
  • Preparation
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Adaptions for younger and older kids
  • PLUS…. the skills that the activity is focused on.



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